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Passion Projects done Seriously

We produce the best videos for your project

Since the inception of Scatter Brothers, we have focused on making visibly stunning videos out of the most enjoyable concepts. Short films, music videos, feature films and so much more. This is what makes Scatter Brother tick and we thoroughly enjoy this side of what we do. Whether we’re working with a band or a local artisan, our goal remains the same… We make your vision shine.

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We go the extra mile

Scatter Brothers takes every project to the next level and pushes every project to its fullest potential

We want to exceed your expectations. We want to do the best work youve ever seen. We want to make you famous.
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We are Proud of Our Work

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Katie Ducharme

"A Million Dreams" Music Video

Coastal Properties

90 Second Video Sizzler

Nouvelle Beauty Bar

St Petersburg Nail Salon

Succesfully transforming the way you are seen through the means of video production.

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